Our non-for-profit organisation just turned 3 years old in August 2019!

Its been 3 years since AYI was born and in that time, we have grown into operating 3 youth centres in Ghana, West Africa and working on a mentoring program in Sydney, Australia. We were able to grow due to support from amazing people

Now we are asking for more people to come and join us! We have a lot of plans but we need more volunteers to join us in a Sydney based team of volunteers. Here are a variety of things you can help us with. Hints, its all about hands-on help!

  1. Attend our monthly fundraising second hand market Sales. Help us set up and pack up. We sell second hand goods at Kings Cross Markets to raise funds each month on the last Saturday of the month.
  2. Help us get second-hand goods to sell both at our market session and also through our online auctions. So work with us to get more goods that we can sell. Clothes, home products, accessories, jewellery etc
  3. Help us get more business partners to sponsor us- this will be a great opportunity for a marketing/business student or a social entrepreneur. So your role will be to engage and source these sponsors
  4. Help us get products and goods that we can ship over to Africa to support the work of the Charity. For example, we are needing equipment like industrial photocopiers, laminating machines, video recorders, ipads which they can use in Africa as businesses to support the charity work. We also need items that the kids in Africa can use such as toys, learning and play materials, storybooks, etc.

Call us, we need you!

Ph: 0432967952



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