Thank You!

Our business partner Adinkra Designs did a great job organising a special fundraising event on behalf of AYI Centres in December 2017.

Adinkra Designs support AYI Centres as they believe (just like us) that nothing is more important than providing children with the resources they need and arming them with the knowledge and esteem so that they can have the potential to achieve a bright future.

We recently received a generous donation of computers from the University of NSW, in July 2017 and have now set up the Library and IT Centre for the local children to learn how to use computers and learn about the internet as part of our education program. Only 28% of the current Ghana population has access to the Internet, compared to 85% in Australia! The IT Centre is also be open to everyone in the local community. They will be able to search for jobs, work on their resumes, conduct research and study. A small fee will be charged for this service which means the IT Centre will be the first of our centres to become self-sufficient and not reliant on donation to run. This is a great step for AYI!

 Through the online auction on Instagram we managed to raise $1,015 which is amazing.



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