What We Do

AYI Centres was official registered and began operating in August 2016 in Ghana.  A year later we are now running from two sites and about to open a third site- a dedicated IT and Library Centre.  Our first program was in partnership with the Teshie branch library of the Ghana Libraries Authority. Since then there have been over 400 children in our programs between the ages of 8 to 17 engaged in individual reading and learning session, group educational activities and also sports and recreational sessions. Lunch was also provided during the Saturday program.

Benefits of the program for the kids included:

– increase in educational  life skills and knowledge  –  such as reading, writing and knowledge of the world e.g. geography and science.


-increase social skills -self confidence, team work, problem solving, independence etc
-increase in physical  and mental health and wellbeing-kids felt happier after attending the program and also benefited from physical activity through the various program activities.

The program in itself also benefits the local community by providing
-economic development through the employment of 5 workers
-support for parents and family as the children are fed lunch and also are assisted with everyday problem that they may have.

Our first youth centre openned in September 2016 and is located within the Vichrist Secondary School, in the area of Tebibiano, North Teshie, Ghana. Our second youth centre openned in August 2017 and is located in the more populated area of Teshie in the Rokai Memorial School near the Salem Presbyterian church.

The Youth Centres are open once a week on Saturdays between the hours of 10am to 3.30pm. Six paid youth workers/mentors are employed to run the programs.

Young people between the ages of 8-17years old are welcomed to attend and take part in the various activities.

The Youth Centre service consists of an open library, group learning sessions and sports and recreational activities. Youth has access is library books, mentors to help them with their homework and other life skills (literacy, communication, family matter) and also access to sports equipment that they can play with.

Lunch meals are provided to the children free of charge as well.

We plan to open 5 more centres across Ghana and at least 2 in Zambia, East Africa in the next few years.